Today I got a pleasant surprise. I was working a little on my blog and making it a little more ‘my style’ (do you like it?) and noticed that I had a couple of comments on my “Oh… How They Grow!” post. I’m not really used to getting comments so was surprised about that already, but what surprised me the most is getting a comment from someone I don’t know.

Another mom named Jayne Jewell took the time to comment on my post. I went to her website to get to know this new person who took an interest in me. The thing that struck me the most about her is not only her positiveness but the way she wants to help other moms by inspiring women to live, love, thrive. I loved that immediately from going to her site.

Digging deeper I came to find out that she went to Anthony Robbins seminar as a 12 year old and has since been coaching others to set meaningful goals, move through the obstacles and get results.

I went to Anthony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar (UPW) and in one word I’ll describe it as AWESOME! It changed me in so many ways and change my husband too. We sent our 12 year old also and our lives will never be the same again. I strongly recommend anyone who can to attend and be ready to change.

Live with passion! Enjoy everything the Lord has given you and blessed you with! Live! Love! Thrive!