Hello Again!…

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything. Boy, SOOO much has happened since.
My life has changed in amazing ways… I am challenged, happy, growing, and loving every minute.

We moved on September 1st to our new house. It took 1 1/2 trucks to fit all our stuff… wow! It’s amazing how much stuff you can collect over the years. I remember when we just a had a suitcase and small plastic trunk each.

For our move we had 3 amazing guys to help us: Steve, Akira and Aki (let’s not forget my muscle man husband as well). You should have seen those guys carry all our stuff up 3 flights of stairs (37 steps in all) to our house, not to mention the stuff that had to go another flight of stairs inside the house… wow! My hat goes off to those great guys and I recommend them to anyone any day… ha!

The day after we moved in we worked on our paperwork and then the day after that we visited the 2 schools that we planned to send our kids to. It took 4 1/2 hours of meetings but they really wanted our kids to join their school the next day so wanted to fill us in on all the details.

When we got home we told the kids the ‘news’ of them going to school the next day and then I searched frantically for the boxes with all their school stuff and made sure they had all they needed for the next day… how exciting!

The elementary school already started preparing for their special sports day so our kids became a part of their program and were quickly learning the routines for their groups.

All in all it’s been a great adjustment period. TONS of hard work setting up and getting used to doing so many things I’m just now learning to do… such as cooking!

I don’t drive, so I get around on a bike with my two younger kids strapped into their bike seats (one in front, one in the back) with a basket in the front for our shopping. With the hill up to our house and the 3 flights of stairs I’m getting lots of good exercise… no complaints :)

I’ll write again soon and tell you more… Catch you later!


The time has finally arrived… we are moving to our new house tomorrow. We are all so excited about this change and are waiting to see what our next place has in store for us. Every place we’ve been to has taught us new things and we’ve grown… time for more growth.
Will be off line for a little while since we’ll be setting up our new place, but will write again soon.

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words” I thought I’d direct you to my Picasa Web Album page that I have been updating over the last few years so you can have a taste of what we’ve been up to… hope you like it and enjoy! :)

A Little About Me…

For those of you who are interested in knowing a little about me, or for those of you who don’t know me yet, here is a little rundown…

I was born in Paris in 1974 and have traveled the world with my missionaries parents. My parents are now separated, my father lives in France with his new wife Gillian and my mother is still a missionary in the Philippines (you can check out the work she’s involved in at: http://riseabovecebu.wordpress.com).

I was asked at one point how many countries I’ve lived in, or visited for at least a week, and I had a hard time counting… let’s see if I can remember them:

France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Senegal, Uganda, Kenya, Reunion Island, India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, USA (North Carolina and California). These are the ones I can remember off hand.

I want to visit Australia one day so that I can say I’ve been to all 6 continents. I have no desire to visit Antarctica – way too cold :P

Ever since I can remember I’ve been helping with children, starting with my own brothers and sister and then on to helping with other missionary children in the homes we lived in communally over the years. So, you could say that being with children has been my life. I love it! Not only that, but it’s prepared me for my own.

I’m now a mother of 6 wonderful and lovely children (I will take some time later to introduce each one). I am married to the most amazing man, Ken, who I loved incredibly. He is Japanese, so together we make the cute ‘French/Japanese’ mix.

In another post I will tell you about our love story… it’s quite a story to tell and a typical ”he said, she said” type of story too. I think you’ll like it.

Well, that’s it for today… if I write anymore, I might bore you… catch you next time… bye for now!

Packing for Our New Life

I have been packing everyday now since we are getting ready to move. This will be the first time ever to live with just our family.
I have been living communally since I can remember.
Now, my husband and I with our 6 children will try it out on our own. It is exciting for me, but also uncertain. We have SO much to learn.
I have been taking care of kids so I haven’t really tried my hand much at cooking since others in our community were the ones to do this.
I am going to learn to cook – wow! That will be an adventure all on it’s own and I am looking forward to it … :)