Have you ever had a dream that you thought would be too good to come true? I did! … I wanted to have a wedding. You know, the kind where you get all prettied up, beautiful dress, friends and family, dancing, etc… I’m here to testify that dreams can come true! If you really want something, with a little perseverance, faith, and hope, it can happen!

Ken and I married on July 5th 2002, I was 7 months pregnant with our 3rd child and at that time having a wedding like the one I dreamed of, well, seemed like just a dream.

In early 2009 I realized that we would be celebrating our 7th anniversary that year, wouldn’t that be a GREAT time to have that wedding I always wanted to have?! Sure we have 6 kids now, none of my personal family is near enough to come, it’ll take a LOT of work to make it happen, but then again, why not?! Ken and I put our heads together and started planning… Amazingly enough, all the pieces fell into place.

We had an awesome renewal wedding on July 7th (celebrating our 7 years together on the 7th day of the 7th month… how more fancy can you get :) )… Everything was perfect and we had a wonderful day. So many of our friends and family came, even my Mom was able to fly over from the Philippines.

That is a day I will always remember and refer back to whenever I need to remember that “All things are possible to them that believe!” (Mark 9:23)

Another special thing that happened that day is that it was the very first time that Ken’s Mom had all her 14 kids together at one time… pretty amazing, no?!

Here are links to our renewal wedding … enjoy!