My love has been taking trips away since we moved. Eight days after we moved in he left for a week seminar in the States. He works every day and comes back late at night, usually when the kids are fast asleep and sometimes even I’m asleep. He does manage to wake up most mornings to have breakfast us as a family before the kids are off to school. This is really different than what we were used to when he worked from home. We learn to value our times together more and know that they are special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

My love will leave again soon for 10 days this time. That’s a long stretch without him. I don’t drive, I have to ride my bike with my two small kids (when the other 4 kids are in school) and  shop. I pray that the Lord keeps giving me the grace and the strength to keep going. It’s not easy being alone with 6 small children to look after,  I shouldn’t really say ‘alone’ since I have my 6 angels to keep me company.

There’s always so much to do and tend to, but I need to make sure to have my times away to renew my strength and spirit. Lord, give me the courage to keep going. Give me the love I need. Give me the patience and the grace to care for the kids. Be by my side as I make it through each day. I need You and can’t make it through my days without You! Thank you for being by my side each and every day… I love you!