Nine years ago Ken and I got married in Uganda. It was a special day. It wasn’t anything fancy or grand… just special because we vowed to be together for better, for worse, in sickness, in health, till death do us part.

We told each other that one day we would have the big ‘shebang’ wedding that almost every girl dreams about having… but this time it will just be simple, Ken, myself and two witnesses.

Two years before our marriage I was a single mom with my 3 year old, Cedrick. I was living in Uganda at the time helping my brother and his wife with their then 7 children (they now have 11!) and also helping them with their missionary projects.

Ken arrived in Uganda and I was thrilled because I always had a ‘thing’ for Japanese guys so was anxious to meet him. I didn’t think he’d notice me since there was an age difference and also I was a single mom… but the attraction was there and it grew and grew….

About a year after that we had our first daughter together, Rubina, born January 10, 2001. Our love continued to grow stronger day by day. By 2002 I was pregnant again and then we thought, “what are we waiting for…. let’s make our vows!” so… we did! On July 5th, 2002 we got married…. yes, a day to be remembered… I love you my love!