Looking at each of my kids I realize how fast they grow. I want to enjoy each moment I have with them more because, before I know it, they’ll be all growed up!

Cedrick is now 13  and already taller than me (that’s not hard to beat, LOL!). He’s such a dependable lad. I’m so proud of him. He’s been attending Japanese school now for 1 1/2 years. He went in not knowing a word and now speaks fluently – wow! I can trust him to look after the younger ones anytime and he’s so willing to help. He takes out the trash regularly for me every morning. On Saturdays he goes to help out at our local bakers shop. He loves learning how to bake and prepare all the different ‘goodies’ that they serve out in that shop. He’s becoming a fine young man to be proud of.

Rubina is now 10. Such a big girl. I love her creativity and the way she’ll always think of another way to do things. She thinks out-of-the-box, just like her daddy. She has an amazing love for books. Just can’t have enough around to keep her happy. When she’s in ‘book world’ she doesn’t hear or see anything else around her – so cute! She’s always so full of ideas… her favorite line is “don’t worry Mom” – that’s when I start to worry… LOL! When she’s done with her ‘creations’ I’m amazed at how she thought of it (and I do my best not to notice the mess that was caused). I love my big girl :)

Makoto, well, he’s now 8 years old. He still loves to cuddle, as he always has, and cannot go to sleep under any means unless he gets his goodnight kiss. He still has his cute chubby cheeks and his winning eyes. He too is learning so much in school and speaks amazingly well in Japanese. He LOVES Wii, a little too much – oh my! He’s got such a good heart. I know he’ll be a real heart winner with the girls.

Suzanna, my dear 7 year old. I took her on a bike ride today, just her and I. I was so happy to see her ride so well and be brave when she fell and scrapped her leg. Spending time with just her was special as that hardly happens. I guess that’s the trouble with being in the middle. She always has so much to say. Her favorite is to end her sentences with “right Mom?” as if she needs to know that she’s heard and that I agree with what she said. She’s so meticulous and tidy. If I don’t remind her to change her clothes she could wear them all week and they’d still look as clean as when she put them on. She loves to help around the house – loves it! She’s so faithful too with the little details. I love you Suzy!

Kenji is already 5 and will be going to school next year! He’s so excited and can hardly wait… (me neither :P ) He’s so full of energy and whats to do stuff, I’m sure he’ll be so happy to join in all the school activities. He’s become Rubina’s little shadow. When the two of them get together, they’re inseparable. They come up with the most creative ideas and get along so well. He’s learning to read and is making so much progress, I’m so proud of him. There’s just something about Kenji’s smile… when he smiles, you just can’t help but get cheered up! I pray he makes many happy with his winning smile. :)

Alina, last, but definitely not least and now 3. She’s our self proclaimed ‘queen’! I always heard of little girls wanting to be princesses, but not her, she always just wants to be queen. She LOVES to draw, will draw on any piece of paper she can find. Her favorite thing to draw is a drawing of herself with a big ‘A’ on her dress and a crown in her hair :) . Such a cutie she is. She still sleeps in our bed, yes, I know… she is getting big, what to do. I’m hoping that on her 4th birthday she’ll finally agree to sleeping in the girls’ room. We’re planning on getting her a ‘big girl’ bed (fingers crossed). Now that she’s 3 she’s asking so many questions and is so curious about life. He

My! What wonderful kids I have. I am SO blessed! Jesus, thank You for these treasures You’ve trusted me with. I pray I can be a good mother and ‘train them in the way they should go so that when they’re old they will not depart from it’. It’s a big job being a mother…